Hockey Gear Care

     Cleaning and storing your hockey equipment is a big part of the game. Sure, how you play on the ice is important, but if you don’t clean your equipment or do SOMETHING to keep it from stinking after each skate you WILL stink.

     In order to keep you fresh on the ice, I’ve put together a simple video showing how anyone can clean hockey equipment. The results typically last 3-6 weeks before you’ll need to repeat.

     If your hockey equipment already stinks, there is a simple solution to fix it. WASH IT. In the video above I give you the full details but I will break it down below

  1. Take everything out of your bag. You can do one load of jerseys, socks, under armour, etc and one load of equipment

  2. Wash on the longest cycle your machine will do, pre-wash, extra rinse, you get the idea. Select bulky items / large loads if your machine has it.

  3. You can put every piece of equipment in the wash except for your skates and helmet

  4. Use your favorite detergent, and avoid bleach as it can deteriorate some of the bonding agents and foams in your equipment. An Oxygen bleach is OK.

  5. Hang everything to dry with a fan on it. It’s OK to put the jerseys, socks and other garments in the dryer (throw in dryer sheets for extra freshness) however it’s not recommended to put under armour / base layers in the dryer.   

 Preventing (or delaying) the stink

     Once your gear is fresh, you want to keep it that way. These tips may be more important than the ones on how to clean your hockey equipment!

  1. Wear something between yourself and your hockey equipment. I wear under armour, thin socks, and compression shorts. I haven’t tried a full body suit, but believe it would be most effective. Obviously you should wash your under garments after each use

  2. Dry everything out immediately after each skate. This is where the stink really starts to fester. The longer you leave wet ANYTHING in your bag, the more it will stink. There are some good products you can use here (listed below

  3. You can try some anti-stink sprays. I haven’t found any miracle sprays, and for the price and convenience I use febreeze anti-bacterial spray with pretty good results. I apply it after I pull all my gear out to dry

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